Thor: Heaven & Earth #4

    Thor: Heaven & Earth » Thor: Heaven & Earth #4 - The Dragon of Dolgellau released by Marvel on November 2011.

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    An American writer is on a train in Midwest Wales when a stranger tells him the ledgend of the Red Dragon of Cymru.

    Years ago, a Welsh king took a married Norse woman to be his bride, agaist her will. The Norsemen took offence to this an invaded Wales. The Welsh knowin they were going to be beaten made a deal with the Red Dragon to defend them.

    The Red dragon killed the Norse invaders but not before one could pray to Odin for help.

    Odin, Thor, Vadir, Agnar, Balder, and Heimdall came to earth but were too late to save the warriors. The gods are greeted by the dragon, and after harsh words are exchanged the dragon attacks the Gods.

    The dragon is able to fell Agnar before Thor bests it. Thor is about to strike it down when Odin steps in and makes a deal with the dragon.

    "No more blood sacrifices," and "persuade King Rhodri to hand the stolen woman back to her husband or die by Odin's hand'

    Back on the train the stranger stops telling the story, get up and prepares to leave. The writer asks one more question as the old storyteller debarked the train.

    "What happened to the dragon? What did he decide?'

    The stranger smiles and replies, "Rhodri tasted better then the women of Dolellau"

    The stranger leaves and a shadow of a dragon is seen in the sky above the train leaving the writer to wonder who the stranger really was.



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