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    Hammer Time

    This has been a good series so far, honestly, this is one of the best current titles. I'll be honest here for a minute, i'm not really a fan of Jason Aarons work in general, not because he is a bad writer, and he is a nice guy of course, but his style of writing never really fits the general marvel story telling, personally i think that he works well with Image, you know? the gory and gritty style never really fits marvel most of the time, and when it does it's a bit different toned at the end of teh day. Also, i disliked his incredible hulk very much. But there is one thing clear here, Jason Aaron loves thor and his fans, and that passion can be seen with the pages, i can truly see that this thor rocks, and i mean seriously rocks, and jason aaron has not obly been consistent, but also, he left not questions unanswered.

    First of, esad ribic has done some seriously astounding work, when i say that he is THE thor artist i am not kidding around, his style fits the story so well that it is seriously delightful to flip through the pages. The action is bloody and gory, the three thors look amazing, and Gorr looks frigging dark and dangerous.

    Now on to the story. this issue is dedicated to the three thors kicking arse, and let me tell you that it's damn satisfying, but the case is that usually the story doesn't move forward most of the time when it comes to current comics, but i am thankful that doesn't happen here, besides the fact that these three thors are engaged in a bloodthirsty battle with gorr, lots of developments take place. First of all, we finely learn why Gorr became so strong and powerful, i have wondered why gorr was suddenly powerful enough to take on a sky-father thor as well as all three odinsons at the same time while at one time young thor gave Gorr a good fight, and we get a simple yet cool explanation.

    The banter between the 3 thors still feels awesome, they are the same as well as different both fight style wise and speech wise, and i'm glad that element wasn't lost to the book. Moreover, Gorr still feels like a great and powerful villain, and he makes some interesting statements about current thor, which makes the readers wonder a little. they way this issue ends make you wonder how will thinks work out in the future, which is as you know, very good.

    The Narrative is very interesting and well detailed, it makes the fight scene more powerful emotional wise and it makes this title live up to it's name , THOR GOD OF THUNDER! however, i can't shake of the feeling that the three thors is somehow tied to the christian 3 god incarnation. i know this isn't a problem to most people but for a Christian , of which i am one, it's kind of frustrating to have a parallel between Norse mythology and Christian Religion.

    But other than that, i don't want ANY thor fans complaining one how thor always jobs, not after they read this!

    Recommendation: HAMMMA TIMEEE!

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