tomlikesfries's Thor: God of Thunder #3 - The God Butcher, Part Three of Five: The Hall of the Lost review

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    So swears the God of Thunder!

    The character Thor has never really managed to interest me. Be it in the Avengers or any of his solo titles, but Aaron has managed to make series that caught my attention. He divides the books in three parts. One tells what happened in the God of Thunder's past, one in the present and the other takes place in the future. Here we can see how Thor's attitude changes, as shown in the absolutely fantastic dialogues and monologues. Each of the three parts show different characterization. The God of Thunder in the past is still arrogant, but he learns with his mistakes and grows fear over time. As mentioned before in this review, the dialogues are brilliant. Aaron makes sure not to leave the book quiet, as he delivers monologue that will make you feel like you are watching a live action film.

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    Most of the issue takes place in the present. Aaron has created one of the most interesting villains of the God of Thunder of all time, that proves to be an incredible challenge for our protagonist. Throughout the issue we see the many victims of the God Butcher. That creates a fitting scenario, as we can get a correct idea of how powerful he is. Besides, it's superb to see all of the different Gods and where they died. Right besides the bodies of the dead Gods, there is an enemy awaiting for Thor, and that can provide good action scenes and lots of fun. Iron Man also makes his appearance, and there is lovely dialogue between him and Thor.

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    Ribic's art is just gorgeous. His pencilling has a realistic feel to it, especially on the action scenes. The coloring is also delightful, as it is light and smooth and sets a nice tone to the book. My only problem with the art is that the facial expressions can sometimes be too weird or exaggerated.

    Thor: God of Thunder is probably my favorite series of Marvel NOW! so far. All three issues so far were brilliant, as the plot and artwork are outstanding. If you haven't tried it out yet, you have no idea what you are missing. Thor: GOT #3 gets 9/10.

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