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Thor: God of Thunder #2 - Review

The Good:

I always liked Aaron's writing, but after witnessing his run on the Hulk, I wasn't so sure if it'd be a good comic. Thankfully, both published issues so far were very enjoyable. This number concentrates on a young God of Thunder. I admit it sounded bad to me at first, but Jason nailed it. We see a bit of the vikings who were led by Thor, and, honestly, I think that's nice. Since the Mjolnir isn't at his possession yet, I think it's important to explore a little bit of his mortal it side, and Aaron does it correctly.

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We also get a look at the God Butcher. He looks deadly and badass at the same time. Honestly, he reminded me of Voldemort. He has very interesting powers, and I've to say, the writer may just have created one of the most interesting Thor villains of all time.

This issue is all about action. We get amazing fight scenes between the butcher and Thor in the sky. It is an intriguing battle with lots of blood that will make sure you are entertained at all times. Aaron also makes sure to keep the book alive, as he presents brilliant dialogue and monologue. Thor remembers another assassin of Gods he knew in the past. His thoughts were so well presented that I just wanted to keep reading, so I ended up forgetting to actually see the battle that was going on.

Ribic's art is gorgeous. The action scenes are extremely well displayed. Honestly, the book is worth buying just for his pencilling. Making the overall artwork even better, there is Svorcina's coloring. It's smooth and clean, and it helped a lot making the art exceptional.

The Bad:

Nothing springs to mind, but it wasn't a perfect comic. Truthfully, I only give 5 stars to epics.

The Verdict:

Overall, this issue was better than the first. The plot is exceptional, "Voldemort" is a badass and the art is flawless. If you haven't given this title a try yet, you definitely should.

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