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    I've been a fan of this series for Quite some time now, i Had my problems with Jason aarons Writing But He really did well with this series, i loved the three thors and i stuck with the series till the end. Now don't be completely thrown off the rating, i have my reasons. I will still like Aarons thor, but this was a slight disappointment after the spectacular last issue.

    Now before i get to the story and characters, i will as expected talk about the art. Esad Ribics art is , as always, spectacular, he has this MYTHIC vibe which really works here, and it is especially suited for Thor. Speaking of which, thors design is amazing as usual, it amazes me how the artist can compliment jason Aarons characterization of the three thors, this doesn't just refer to this issue, but also to the entire arc, we all know that these 3 characters are thor when it comes to the core, but their in the same way different, and the art, along with the writing shows that off VERY well. Take the youngest Thor for one, he face generally speaks of an arrogant prince. I chose the youngest member because he should be the hardest to portray, since drawing a old wise guy should be Very easy for an expert artist. the action yet again is Top-Notch, and the colors provide a vivid yet dark tone to the story.

    The story is kinda where the problems begin. i was expecting something out of the ordinary after the fact that issue 9 Pulled off a 10/10 for me, but when i got to the end of it i was very very disappointed. The thing is, some things accrue here that seem to really peeve me, the biggest problem i have is that i feel that this story has gone too far, 11 issues is a bit too much for my taste. now i have no problems with long arcs as long as it's Justified, but here? i have no trouble believing that this arc could have ended the last issue, or it could have been concluded here, but it seems that it's just being pushed too far, which kinda throws me off. Another problem would be Gorr's son. Now i'm not trying to tell a writer what to do here, but i didn't really Buy That Gorr's son really had a change of heart, sure he mentions that this was a long time coming, and yes Gorr did kill his wife, but it would have been much more effective if it was actually shown that The son really didn't enjoy what gorr was doing you know? like for example, maybe during the slave work he , instead of taunting young thor, could have shown some compassion for them, and Then his moment of what awakening would have been much cooler. I might seem to nit-pick here, and it's not TOO big of a problem, but i feel that i had to mention it.

    However, not to leave things on a bad note, I love Gorr as the villain, i think that he is an awesome addition to Thor's Rogue Gallery. Gorr is in many way like a complicated a child, he really believes that what he is doing is right, and the fact that he doesn't realize that he has basically become a God himself is truly an awesome moment. i also like the Girls of Thunder, and i'm glad they didn't just come up for one issue and then just fade away.

    This is still a Solid issue though, the problem is that i doesn't simply measure up to the previous issues, which is why it god a bit of a low score.

    Recommendation: mhhh sure.

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