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If cute could kill

Before I start all i have to say is, baby Thor and Betta Ray Bill are possibly the most adorable things I've ever seen in a long while.  
On with the review: Thor and the Warriors Four issue #3 was a delightful read, though it pales to the previous issues. The pacing in this issue is quite slow compared to it's predecessors, but I believe that's because the story is concluding. So I'm expecting one hell of a final ending. So far the story has been fantastic for those who haven't read the previous issues. I must commend Alex Zalben's writing so far, he builds a great team dynamic between the four, each one of them obvious differences in attitude, yet not too forced. One of my favorite features of his writing, are the conflicts he brings to the story, the overall tone of the story deals with Pack learning/dealing with Mortality of their dying grandmother. What stood out in this issue the most was Alex Power's questioning his own logic and reasons when given the  opportunity to steal the golden apples from toddlerized gods. Overall in my Opinion I think Zalben does an excellent job of making the Power Pack (at least in this story) A lot more  relatable, well at least I thought so. Like I addressed before hand the pacing was a tad slower, though it didn't dull my enjoyment for the story itself. None the less the story did progress and sets the table reasonably for issue 4. Though that was my only beef with this issue, overall I was content, and found it fun .  

The art is great, it fits and compliments the Power Pack Tremendously like a fancy glove. I expected no less from Gurihiru, his art style is clean, consistent, nice too look at,  you can tell what characters are feeling, what more can you ask from him. His art is perfect for a story like this, as he captures the story's light hearted feel, along with it's more serious skits. Though I have to admit he out did himself with the cute factor of the norse babies, it warmed my heart.     
Like the rest of mini series, you get a nice little backup story Featuring the Pack and the Prince of power Hercules! written and drawn by the lovely Colleen Coover, which also a 4 parter. It's a delightful read, the art is simple, clean and quite easy on the eyes. The story itself doesn't really steal the show from the main feature, but still enjoyable in it's own merits. Plus it really makes the book well worth 3 bucks.

Thor and the Warriors four may not be for everyone, as it might just be too light hearted for a more blood thirsty and serious crowd. To dismiss the story as a "Kids book" because of it's appearance would be a terribly ignorant deduction, after all a fear of appearing childish is immature in itself. I recommend Thor and the Warriors Four to anyone who's in the mood for a light hearted read, you never know you might actually enjoy yourself more than you thought. If you haven't been reading Thor and the Warriors Four, go out and check out the first issue, borrow it from a friend, or whatever, just give it a chance. It also serves as a great break from stories like DC's Brightest Day (I shuttered when I thought about that). Most off all Don't expect Alan Moore's Miracleman/Marvelman but don't underestimate it.  The story itself has a charm to it, and very pleasing to anyone of any age. Pick it up if you enjoy the Power Pack, no reason to miss out, If you're a Thor fan and you just want fun read, or if you just like a nice story.    

-But that's just my Opinion 

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