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Which Power Pack member does not get the Golden Apples?


I really enjoyed the cover. I love Thor being a baby and the Power pack carrying all baby stuff for him.


The story begins with everybody in Asgard being babies except for the Power Pack. The old man comes into Asgard and tells the power pack that he was able to come in because the guards were babies. He tells the Power Pack since everyone is babies they should just still the apples and everyone agrees with that plan except Alex. So, the old man is going to watch the babies and Alex said he is not going with the team and he stays with the old man.   Julie, Jack, and Katie go through the big door to start their journey. They get the apples and go back to the old man and they find out by giving the apples to the old man they have given Asgard to him because the old man was Loki.

Best Part

I like in the story that when Alex did not go with the team with their journey that Julie played a good leader. She was more like Alex than she would prefer.

Worst Part
I really did not like the issues story that much. I can’t really point my figure at what was bad but, I felt like the issue was boring and I think that it was not a great lead up to the last issue of the mini series.


The art is nothing special but, I enjoy the cartoon like of it all. I also liked the art when Julie was flying to get to the other side of the road and everyone got tired except her and she just kept on flying.

Pick up or not

Do not Pick Up!!   

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