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Beset on all sides by treacherous foes from his past, the God of Thunder leads the tattered remnants of the forces of Asgard on a desperate quest, as the Realm Eternal burns. Beta Ray Bill takes over leadership for Thor is his almighty absence!

Beta-Ray Bill comes and saves the day. He demolishes Fenris the Wolf and calls on any other demons to face the same challenge and fate. Nobody else dares to take that challenge and begins to leave. Beta-Ray Bill states that the Odinpower called him there and that is how he knew that Thor was in trouble. Thor orders Volstagg to lay down Sif and count the dead while Beta-Ray Bill attempts to heal Thor to the best of his ability.

After Thor feels a little better he calls upon Beta-Ray Bill to stay behind and rule Asgard in his stead. Thor wishes to visit Midgard for a "period of time". Thor announces this to his people and makes his way to do a little soul searching. Thor finds a temple and begins to meditate. He is approached by a ghost who brings riddles and a challenge. The ghost mentions that Odin had once came to this same place for some soul searching of his own. This ghost notifies Thor that in order for him to progress he would have to die....

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