Thor #82

    Thor » Thor #82 - Ragnarok Part The Third released by Marvel on September 1, 2004.

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    Ragnarok appears to have come for the gods of Asgard, but will Thor be their savior, or its architect? In search of new wisdom, the Thunder God must repeat the ordeals of Odin, and the price may be too terrible for even an immortal to pay!

    Volstagg, Hogun, and Fandral come into Alfheim--home of the light elves--looking for safe refuge from battle carrying the injured Sif. They are greeted by a few elves and they rush to their aid. As soon as they meet up, they look to the sky to see Naglfar--the ghost ship approaching. They fear their doom.

    In the present day, Volstagg, crumbles a statue to find Thor resting and recovering. Thor immediately notices that there is something different about Volstagg. Volstagg is skinny, he's as trim as a goat! Volstagg reports to Thor, who begins to believe that he was the last surviving of his kind. Volstagg tells of the last two battles and of the falling of all of his friends (Sif, Hogun, Baldur, and Fandral).

    Thor and Volstagg begin to travel back to the battlegrounds to survey the area. On their journey back, they begin to recruit other survivors, orphans, and volunteers to their cause. After making it back to the main battlegrounds, Thor begins to recognize some of the fallen. Specifically, Kurse and Vidar--his brother. As they are tending to the wounded they are attacked by Fenris the wolf. During the fight, they are joined by Valkyrie "Defender of the Earth". Shortly after joining the battle, Valkyrie is struck down and killed. Once she was vanquished, another foe joined in the festivities--Durok "the Demolisher". He gets stabbed by Sif's sword (Dragonfang) at the same time Thor is launching Fenris with his fists. Thor hurrys over to finish off Durok and then begins to take on Fenris for a third time when he is joined by Beta-Ray Bill...


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