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World Storm

Don´t get me wrong, I love giants bearing weapons and epic battles, but what I can´t accept is sturbborn behavior, especially when it´s used as a pretext for the hero not doing what could have prevented all the damage and trouble from happening just because it suits the writer to do so. Unfortunally this arc story is going to this path, bad enough that Thor only now understands and realizes that he should do what Professor Solvang told him to do, now Odin shows he had this knowledge all this time, this just makes me mad and mad. It´s the climax of this story and I just didn´t like at all, apart from seeing Odin battle Thoth and his worldeaters, this was just a so so issue, nothing spectacular or extraordinare. Ferry´s art and Hollingsworth´s colors are very good, but only that don´t have the magic impact to remove bad writing. And with all the fuzz of Fear Itself, will all this arc story have some meaning at all? I find hard to believe so. Avoid this last few issues, it was going good untill now and I fear for the last chapter.
2.5 out 5

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