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Thor Gets Stoned At An Asgardian Party

This is a part of Marvel's .1 initiative, which in theory is a way to possibly get new readers to try out a series they might have been neglecting, whilst also getting fans of a character or regular book to pick up yet another issue thats really like a one shot, but more important sounding. Clever right? Anyway, with that in mind, this book is pretty accessible, and we have a firm beginning, middle and end, to this story, somewhat of a rarity in comics these days, so if your new, your going to find this issue easy to grasp. The question is though, is this good enough to get you to buy more issues? Honestly I am not so sure...   
Basic premise has Grey Gargoyle tricking his way into neutralizing Thor and then attempting to attain immortality. He doesn't. Most of the story otherwise could be considered just explaining who and what Thor has been doing for a while in older stories. So as I point out later, almost an excuse to see how much Asgardian and Thor related characters Mark Brooks could draw... this by the way is achieved by Balder who is given praise to Thor at a great and large Asgardian banquet... and thats pretty much it as far as the story goes. 
Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning are not strangers to Thor, they in fact have recently wrapped up a mini series that co-starred the mighty thunder god (Iron Man & Thor 5 part mini series) yet, I can't help but feel their take on Thor is somewhat bland. Okay, he has a heros heart and suffers a set back, but then prevails. Still, it was hard to get excited by the story, by the plot, by the characterization. None of what makes DnA, such a force with other works is present with this story, as a fan of both writers and Thor, its somewhat disappointing. I almost get the feeling they don't particularly like the character and have just been assigned this project. That being said, it does seem they crafted a perfect story to showcase the strengths of their artist Mark Brooks.  Speaking of... 
This issue almost seems set up to showcase Mark Brooks tasty art. Its a visual feast, and there is not much use of empty space, which can be a bad thing, here I'll go with it being a good thing though. So much color and so much detail, but the look is cohesive and not over crowded. I would say the art is probably the best thing about this issue. Though milage may vary, more with art than writing i feel with this issue. I am not a fan of Mark Brooks by any means, but I would buy this book solely on the quality of his renditions of Asgard and its warriors and defenders.  
Moment of Cool and Weird 
Here is a sample of the art and just letting the artist draw a bunch of characters that look awesome. I am a total sucker for great montage pieces.. and this is just a zoomed in section, there is more if you buy the book. Also below it, but doesn't it sorta look like the bad guy is trying to, well... have you read the last Thor vs Hercules fight?  

Arty Art
Arty Art

Groping is Legal in Asgard supposedly 
Groping is Legal in Asgard supposedly 
Who Should Buy This? 
Mark Brooks fans, Grey Gargoyle fans who miss em, and anyone who wants to essentially read a Thor one shot. I am not sure where or how this will tie into the regular Thor run, different writers and artists. Not even really any plot points that tie the two together? Thor completionists as well maybe? Its not a bad book by any means, it just seems uneventful and well average. In comics average isn't really the word you want to present your readers with.  
Overall I give this 2.5/5

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