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    Review: Thor #620.1

    A banquet held in Thor's honor gets crashed by the Gray Gargoyle, of all people.

    The Good

    Abnett and Lanning find a pretty effective angle on the Gray Gargoyle's familiar petrifying power that makes for some fun reveals and a strong character moment that speaks both to Thor's tenacity as well as his blunt approach to heroism. I'll also compliment the art team for pulling off ink-less colors in a way that actually realizes the more painterly intention instead of drawing attention to how loose the lines are.

    The Bad

    While this is a rock solid told-in-one, I'm not sure how effective it is a jump-on point for new readers. It's less a matter of this being done by a fill-in team as it is about the story being more reflective of classic Thor than the forward-looking futurist plot lines that are defining the title at the moment.

    The Verdict - 3.5/5

    A solid issue, to be sure, but I wonder if it'd be more effective as something featured in an annual or an anthology. While this does have an extended recap of everything that's been going in the Odinson's world for the past couple years, it seems to serve best as a single helping for veteran fans instead of a sampling for greener ones.

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