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SIEGE BLOCKBUSTER TIE-IN!! The Siege brings Ragnarok to Asgard! The Shining City of Thor and his brothers in arms faces destruction on the greatest scale it's ever suffered, at the hands of Norman Osborn and his Dark Avengers. But the Norse heroes have bigger problems, when THOR fights THOR! The evil Thor clone has come to killl the God of Thunder and take his place. Even if Asgard survives the Siege...will Thor survive Ragnarok?



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Review: Thor #609 0

Balder turns the tables on the Hood and Loki while the rest of the Aesir fall from Asgard into Oklahoma.  THE GOOD  The part where Balder spins the Hood's bullet around the edge of his sword and flings it right back has got to be one of the coolest scenes I've seen in a while. I don't know whether to credit Tan or Elson, or even colorists Christina Strain or June Chung, since they switch back and forth so much throughout this issue (...

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I Have to Fight 0

i have to say I'm a fan of Billy Tan's art.  It's not really not that bad its kind of entertaining for the eyes to see.  The page to page art is one reason to keep on turning those pages Gillen delivers as the writer.  My personal favorite part of the book is when Kelda decides to do a little less moping and a little more kicking ass, and she delivers on some hapless H.A.M.M.E.R agents.  Although some would argue that the true highlight of the book comes when Balder does what he does best.  He m...

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Fell asleep not caring 0

 Thor #609This was a Siege tie in that I actually didn’t have to pick up. The events may add a little bit of flavor to the story, but definitely not required reading to enjoy it. This issue did make me wonder one thing, especially with Thor only being on the cover and the preview page of the book who’s title is his name. When did it become hip to not have the title character in their own book? Did it start after Captain America died, or when the Hood was cooler than the New Avengers? Just ...

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