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Kick-Ass #606

Splendid  hard-fantasy story. 
#606 is completely  Thor vs. Doom. Although, there are a few fluent threads (Loki-Asgardians-Kelda) but all we need is Thor kicking someone's ass, right? And from now and forever Kieron Gillen is my personal comic-God. His S.W.O.R.D, Ares and Phonogram are much more than impressive. In this regard, it is a pity that he was merely filling in Thor & Beast/dragon/green-haired sexy comic canceled after the fifth issue. I demand a public castration of Marvel's editor-in-chief. 
Another small note - in this arc we have an ideal Doctor Doom. Sinister, treacherous, scary - IN UR FACE, MILLAR. Nobody remembers The Masters of Doom... And of course Billy Tan. I confess, I've never been a fan of his work, even more - I thought that the second volume of Marvel Knights: Spider-Man (remember, with Regie Hudlin?) was terribly drawn. Than it came the Uncanny X-Men with Ed Brubaker and I was surprised with the art, which, from the beginning, mixed up with Mark Silvestri's. Than B. Bendis intercepted Malaysian and put him on his medicore New Avengers. I didn't like the story itself (Doctor Woodoo? Are you kidding me? Thou, Remender's doing a great job in Avenger of the Supernatural. Nightmare and all that stuff...) and maybe that's why the artwork seemed decent too. But now I solemnly swear - Tan perseveres. His new awesome manner of imitation Koipel/Djurdjevic charmed me & my aesthetic taste (pathosly, i know).
So, Siege is next. Damn hard waiting for it.

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