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The issue begins with Doctor Willis calling his secretary Miss Ordway to his room. When she enters he grab her and tie her to a chair. Then he makes her eat an hamburguer, she screams and the security guards show up, but just find Doctor Willis standing over her clothes at the ground. Willis is arrested. 
Later in Manhattan, Central Park, Sigurd Jarlson and Melodi are walking and talking about how his vicking's blood made him not suffer from the cold weather, while she thinks about how she will dominate him with his potion later on. 
In the police station, Willis is interviewed by a strange cop that is not really a cop, she then calls someone and tells he had discovered everything. The guy in the other line tells her to kill Willis and then she uses some coockies to make every cop in the station obey to her and give them to Willis also. She says she is a servant of Willis's enemy and soon she will be back to listen to him about his secret. 
In the afternoon, at Strother and Martin's office - Strother learns that Doctor Willis was arrested by murder and then realizes that it is time to do the task he was made for. He opens his safe and picks up some package, that he send to Long Island
Meanwhile in one desert in the confines of Asgard, Balder sends Silverhoof back home and says he will stay there to die, because he broke his promises by killing demons and Loki (last issue). Someone is stalking Balder and thinks to himself that if Balder wants to die, he would do it for him. 
Back in Manhattan at Melodi's appartment, she thanks Sigurd by saving her from the dragon (two issues ago) and says how much she like him and that she will make a perfect night for them both. 
Meanwhile in Roslyn, Long Island, the package had just arrive to his owner, Roger Willis, the son of Doctor Willis. The letter explains to him that if he is reading this is because his father is already dead, and that his father is giving him something very important to the human race, and that now he has to protect it with his own life, like his father did. Roger catches a gun and leaves his house. 
Back in the police station Doctor Willis finds a french frie inside his jacket and uses it to kill the strange guard and she arrives by forcing her to eat it. She then vanishes in the air, probably like his secretary in the beginning of this issue with the hamburguer. The Dark Elves doesn't support human food. He gets her keys and open his cell, gets a bus and goes to Roslyn, trying to find his son to run away together with their secret. Suddenly car headlights cut through the night, revealing that they have already found him. 
Meanwhile at Melodi's appartment, while she is dressing something more confortable, Sigurd makes a call to Jarvis at Avengers Mansion to check his messages and learns that his friend Strother had called saying something about a Casket of Ancient Winters and about a name Jarvis hadn't undestand. Sigurd whispers some name and Jarvis confirms. Then Sigurd gets really mad, asks for Strother address, says he is sorry to Melodi and run away to the streets, where he can turns into Thor and flies towards Strother's place, saying that the evil Odin had banned a long time ago is back on the World. 
Back in Roslyn Willis is runnig from the car when another car shows up. He knocks out two of his persecutors but they are too much for him. Suddenly another car appears with a girl driving, and she says to him to enter the car. Then she says her name is Angel and she is there to save him. 
Meanwhile in Manhattan Thor arrives at Strother's office and asks the lawyer to tell everything really fast to him, because he had said the name of Malekith, the cursed one. 
Finally, back in Roslyn, in Angel's car Doctor Willis is in a kind of transe, provocated by the woman. She orders him to like her and to kiss her, but before the kiss he has to tell her his secret - where is hidden the Casket of Ancient Winters. 
In another place Surtur had just finished forging his Sword of Doom, and screams that now he will strike his second blast against Asgard
At the end, back in Roslyn, Angel says it was delicious to eat his soul and then turns herself into Malekith. Now he knows about the Casket of Ancient Winters and its location, he has to find it and open it, just what his masters demands. Doctor Willis is showed dead in the car...
This is the first appearance of Roger Willis, son of Doctor Willis and guardian of the "Casket Of Ancient Winters".  

In this issue we still doens't know for sure what is Melodi's plans for Thor and that she is actually Lorelei. lall



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