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The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill

Hello, I am a Grotesque deformed horse headed cyborg Alien, and I have just handed Thor his rear end!

This is the Story of all story's, where Hal Jordan was my first favorite comic Character, Beta Ray Bill by far is one of my all time favorites. and this was the story that introduced him. Alien ship approaching earth... Thor is sent to investigate, the ship detects Thor as a threat, and attacks, Thor retaliates, and then the "Guardian" woke up and proceeded to beat Thor down like a two year old.

And then to top it all off he picks up Blake's cane and is transformed into an alien version of Thor. HE was proven worthy to wield the power of Mjolnir. and In the last seen, as Beta Ray is transported to Asgard, youh have Donald Blake standing on the hull of Beta's ship in a downpour Screaming Father!

Still get chills to this day.

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