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Entering the chief planet of the Black Stars, which are greedily eating up galaxies for fuel, Thor and his companions must stop these destructive giant beings and free the androids that they have enslaved.

Thor and his android friend, Avalon ride a planet-sized vacuum into Rhun, the ruling world of the Black Stars. There they see the giant-sized beings that rule this world. In comparison to their size, Thor is no bigger than a gnat. But that doesn't stop Thor. He jumps on Lord Kragonn's hand and hits it as hard as he can. Kragonn swats him away.

This revolt makes Kragonn summon Dracus, the creator of the androids, to determine what's going on. The ruler's attitude toward Dracus shows the great hostility that exists between the two.

Dracus takes the head of the vacuum to his lab to determine how strong his creations have grown over the decades, since he's created them. First he introduces other androids, called Exterminators, to test them. During their battle, Sif strikes one in the eyes and it malfunctions. Quickly, Thor and Balder dispatch the remaining Exterminators.

Along with Thor are members of the Rigellian's mutant outcasts. Since they aren't strong like Thor, they apply their skills of subterfuge. They eavesdrop on a discussion between Dracus and Kragonn and find out that there has been no communication with the other planets (Black Stars) for 2000 years. Dracus convinces Kragonn that the rebellion is being led by the inhabitants of the other planets, and the little gnats should be destroyed. Dracus hopes that this will incite the other planets to attack and topple Kragonn as ruler, opening the door for Dracus.

With Kragonn's approval, the inventor bombards Thor and the androids with radiation. Thor and his companions fly to safety, while the androids attack the face of Kragonn. Dracus unleashes experimental Protectors to attack the androids. As they battle on the ground in front of their creator, Dracus decides to stomp on them and wipe out the whole bunch at one time.

That's when we find the mutant outcasts of Rigel, climbing up his neck. Together they pinch a nerve, paralyzing the schemer. Somehow the mutants use the scientists machines to appear to Kragonn and talk to him about the other planets and the lies of Dracus.

Kragonn flies to investigate the other planets, finding that those civilizations have already disappeared. The mutants convince Kragonn that there are other ways to fuel their planet than destroying other worlds. Since they will no longer be collecting fuel through giant vacuums, Lord Kragonn frees the android-caretakers. He bids Thor farewell and asks that they remember them as gods of light, rather than gods of darkness.

SIDE STORY: Hildegarde rushes into Odin's throne room to beg him to find Krista for her. Using a magical globe, he finds her, but reveals that she is in great danger.



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