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Sif and Karnilla are privy to Xorr's origin story. Will the Thunder God be able to free his lady love from the God-Jewel…without spelling her demise?

SUMMARY: Thor and Mercurio join forces to free Karnila and Sif from their imprisonment in a giant jewel. They are opposed by Xorr, the God-Jewel.

STORY (Spoilers): Thor, Mercurio, Odin, other Asgardians, Tana Nile and Silas Grant find Sif and Karnila embedded in a giant jewel. Their life essence is being drained to power the jewel. Before Thor and his friends can do anything to help, the jewel emits vibrations that cast them deep into the mining caverns of the asteroid.

Xorr takes the time to explain his origins to his captives. 6 million years ago he was the world and culture that spawned all humanoid civilizations of the universe. Knowing that their sun would go nova, they made machines that used the energy of their planet to create a nuclear shell. Their planet was blasted into space. Over eons both the shield and the planet contracted, until their world shrank and crystalized into a jewel. It crashed into an asteroid and lay there for a million years. They now intend to use the goddesses' energy to make of themselves gods and reshape the universe to their own design.

While Thor and his friends work their way toward the surface, the servants of the God-Jewel, Xorr, rocket the entombed goddesses off of the asteroid. Climbing aboard the Starjammer, our heroes pursue the jewel.

While Thor's comrades tangle with Xorr's servants, Thor leaps to free the ladies. But before he strikes, energy is emitted from the jewel and forms into a giant crystalline figure. Xorr warns Thor that he dare not raise his hammer against the jewel -- destroying but one atom of the jewel would kill both Sif and Karnilla.

The issue ends with a despondent Thor, contemplating how he will be forced to watch helplessly as his beloved Sif dies.



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