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Will Lady Sif appeal to Hela's feminine side to save Thor? Back on Asgard, Loki has stolen Odin's ring making him rightful ruler! Can Thor stop Loki before he attacks his first target- Earth?

Thor has surrendered his life to death Goddess Hela to save the lives of mortal mankind!

As she reaches out for him, he prepares himself to enter her icy grasp: “By the Golden Gates of Asgard, I have no Choice! The Time has come for Thor to Die!”

Meanwhile , the recuperating Balder has been awoken by the visage of Karnilla, the Norn Queen who has come to Balder’s side to warn him that Hela has tracked down Thor, and shows him the vision of the happenings on Earth. Balder immediately rushes off to warn the All-father of the dire situation!

At first Odin frowns upon going against Hela, for she is a force past good or evil, but when Karnilla casts another window to earth, and he sees Thor about to die, he proclaims that his son must live! He speeds down to earth, and confronts the Death Queen, who states that he wouldn’t dare strike her down, because of the dire consequences that will befall them if Death itself is slain. But Odin is in rage, and slays Hela with one killing blast of his scepter!

Though spared, even Thor is aghast at the actions of his father. “”Thou knowest well the reason Hela ne’er must perish!”, he cries, and no sooner than the words have been spoken, when the city is engulfed with millions of teeming insects, unstopped by death, they multiply in the trillions! Plants grow twisted and out of control, choking the buildings and streets! And all over the world, the population explosion booms, people crowd together, fighting for space! It is clear that without Hela, mankind is doomed!

Thor begs his father to correct the situation. Odin knows that it must be done. The Allfather resurrects Hela, and after an embrace with his son, proclaims “Thou wert a god unto the end. Now, Valhalla awaits thee.”. Then Hela steps in, and at once, begins to drain Thor’s life away.

Odin then conjures up the one person who should be at his son’s side in his moment of death- Thor’s one love, Sif. Upon seeing her beloved in the stages of death, she pleads with Hela woman to woman to spare Thor, but Hela cannot be moved. Then Sif speaks in the name of love, and finding that doesn’t sway Hela, finally offers her own life in place of Thor’s.

This is something that Hela had not expected. For the first time, she recognizes the aspect of love, and what it stands for. “Sif asked if Hela had e’er known love—and I now answer Nay! But at last, I know what it doth mean! Not even Death may crush it!”

And so it is that Hela, moved by Sif’s testament, spares Thor, and retreats back to her homeland. Soon after that, Odin spirits Thor and Sif away as well.



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