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Whoever expected anything like this to happen? The mighty Thor on the lam! But not even the Thunder God can run forever, and at the end he's caught…by Death!

After Hela fails to capture Odin’s soul, the Allfather knows that she will next try to attack him through his son, Thor. The palace is on pins and needles waiting for the Death Goddess to make her next move, and Odin becomes convinced that the best move for them is to have Thor hide incognito on Earth in his mortal form as Donald Blake, since Hela has no knowledge of his mortal alter ego.

No sooner has Thor departed for the land of mortals, when Hela has an unexpected guest- Loki, who claims to have come to aid Hela in the name of Justice. By his reasoning, Thor has cheated the spectre of death far too many times, and deserves his comeuppance. He candidly relates the whereabouts of his half-brother to Hela, letting her know at once Thor’s plan of hiding out on Earth!

Meanwhile, Balder has gone on a mission to ask Karnilla, queen of the Norns, to assist Thor in his predicament with Hela. Karnilla quickly states that while she has no love for Asgard, If Balder were to relinquish his allegiance to Odin and join her, she might find a way to help Balder. After struggling with her soldiers, He realizes this is the only way he can help Thor, and so with heavy heart he renounces Asgard, and instantly Karnilla gives him a potion that sends him directly to the audience of Hela and Loki!

Balder engages Loki in a swordfight, and Loki is about to deliver a killing blow, when Hela, bored with the squabbles of the men, teleports them back to the palace of Asgard! Once there, in the shadow of Odin, Loki cannot strike Balder, and flees. Though He has renounced Asgard, Odin knows full well the reason he did so, and cures the wounded Balder as he rests.

But now, Odin must act, for he now knows that Hela is full aware of Thor’s whereabouts, and sends jovial Volstagg to earth, where he can warn Don Blake not to turn into Thor, as Hela will be roaming the streets looking for him!

No sooner has Volstagg left for Earth, when Hela herself appears, changing herself into a beautiful, striking woman to walk among men, in search of her prize victim. She is accosted by vagabonds, and dismissively steals their lives away for their foolishness, when she spies what appears to be Thor, wrestling a bull. With an icy gesture to the figure, she strikes him down before realizing it is nothing more than an illusion. It seems Odin has set up visual distractions to keep Hela busy by having her continually chase red herrings.

After striking down a second false Thor, Hela has had enough, and decides to change tactics and bring Thor to HER. She turns on the city folk, draining the lives of firemen trying to stop a blazing building, and when Don Blake hears of the attack, knows he cannot hide in the shadows. Turning into Thor, he rushes at once to aid the dying citizens, where Hela announces a deadly threat: Surrender to her, or she will drain the lives of every mortal! Thor cannot risk the lives of the people, and solemnly surrenders to the Death Queen. Satisfied, she restores the humans, then turns to Thor with arms outstretched to claim her prize!!!


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