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Thomas was having dinner at a local restaurant, when all Hell broke loose. The disastrous day that the Crossed attacked, he met Kelly and Stan and had the luck that Cindy saved them. Due to Kelly's blindness, he became her eyes and promised to look after her.

He quickly became friend with Stan, sharing the same kind of humor that in some way, manage to keep them sane in a world where everyone was a killing machine, for fun or in order to survive. Despite being gay, he was very close to Kelly who learned to love him.

The group was heading to Alaska, where the could find a land free of the Crossed, but when they were on their way to this place the maniacs managed to kill Cindy's son, Patrick. This tragedy weakened the group, and Stan feared that it could force Cindy to lost her humanity. Stand suggested to split the group. Stan and Cindy will return to bury Patrick in order to find some kind of relief for Cindy's heart and Thomas, Kelly and Kitrick would go ahead in their way to Alaska.

Thomas trying to save Kelly
Thomas trying to save Kelly

Sadly, the Crossed lead by Horsecock found them, and despite Kitrick's sacrifice, they capture Kelly and Tom. Horsecock knocked Thomas down and held Kelly probably trying to rape her. This infuriate Thomas who managed to bite the Horsecock's throat ferociously, killing him once and for all. But this pyrrhic victory came with a price, Thomas felt the "crossed virus" infecting his body and begged Kelly to leave him as they were being quickly surrounded by the rest of crossed. But Kelly, blinded and helpless knew there was no more chance to run. Thomas with tears in his eyes and the virus in his veins, pledged her that he would never leave her alone. They jumped off the cliff to their death before the crossed could get their hands on them.

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