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Thomas Walker is from Cambridge, England and also graduated from Cambridge University in Astrophysics. He was a founding member of and theoretical physicist for the all-out scientific super-group known as World Corp.
Character Details / Questionnaire (from the pages of The Science Chronicle*):

Favorite Invention: LSD
Greatest Influence: Keeping my mind occupied.
Greatest Achievement: I suppose the theories I've put forward on wormholes and dark matter, but I've also learned to juggle whilst riding my bike, which is terribly useful, I've found.
Greatest Ambition: Space.

*The Science Chronicle is a fictional magazine in the comic Nowhere Men.

Character Creation

Thomas Walker was created by writer Eric Stephenson and artist Nate Bellegarde. He first appeared in Nowhere Men #1 published by Image Comics in 2012.

Character Evolution

Thomas Walker is one of the four founders of World Corp. but leaves the company after only two years when his increasingly bizarre behavior makes it difficult for his partners to continue working with him. Thomas starts meditating and experimenting with drugs, in which he sees opportunity rather than risk, as well as cycling around the office. In an interview with The Science Chronicle he says: "I mount my bike and ask questions. When I finish riding, I have answers, and I find that rather wonderful."
After a series of these scurrilous interviews, Thomas vanishes completely, but there have been rumors of Walker being part of, if not the instigator, or the inspiration for the "science punks" - gangs performing dangerous and illegal experiments.


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