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    The legendary Ghost-Finder and Supernatural Detective by William Hope Hodgson. He usually gets called in to investigate allegedly supernatural cases.

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    The protagonist of eight stories published between 1910 and 1912, Carnacki relates his cases and adventures to his four friends (the author included among them) at his flat in Cheyne Walk, Chelsea.

    He is usually called upon by various people to help them with seemingly supernatural problems. But while a case might seem to have it's roots in the realm of the paranormal at the start, some (as he investigates further) have more human causes by the end.

    For the problems that have actual supernatural causes, Carnacki usually comes equipped with both items of his own invention (like the Electric Pentacle) and a vast knowledge of ancient texts, rituals, and spells to combat any hostile phantoms. Key among them being the Sigsand Manuscript, an ancient text/tome that seems to have many of the needed incantations, spells and other rituals in it's pages.

    Carnacki has appeared sporadically ever since.

    Subsequent Use & Various Media:

    • 427 Cheyne Walk: a collection of stories published in the early 90's about the further adventures of Carnacki. Many of the stories use the various off-hand referrences to other (un-documented) cases as basis for their subject matter.
    • League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Carnacki is brought in as a member of Mina and Quartermain's League in the early 1900's as shown in the 'Black Dossier'. He helped the group banish an Elder Thing via one of his rituals. Left the group after a harrowing encounter with a spirit that gave him brief glimpses of the future. Taken ill by these visions, he withdraws from further activities. This does not stop him from calling upon some of them later on (Vol. III: Century) to help him (and a group of other occult detectives) to try and make sense of some of his more troubling visions.
    • Carnacki has had at least three crossovers with Holmes in recent years. Two are short stories collected in two seperate books (Shadows Over Baker Street and Gaslight Grimoire) that deal with the two running into each other while they both investigate a mystery. The third is a guest-starring role in 'Sherlock Holmes: The Breath of God' by Guy Adams that deals with the two of them (alongside fellow Occult Detective John Silence) being brought in by Aleister Crowley to help thwart a seeming supernatural attack upon London itself. But are things as they seem??
    • Carnacki has been brought to television only once so far in his history, on an episode of "The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes" in the 70's. He is played by the late Donald Pleasence.

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