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    The stories of 30 self-made places around the world: Tired of your country's bad politics? Feeling powerless to change things? Start your own utopia instead! This nonfiction graphic novel collects the stories of 30 self-made places around the world built with a dream of utopia, whether a safe haven, an inspiring structure, or a better-run country. These are the empowering and eccentric visions of creators who struck out against the laws of their homelands, the approval of their peers, and even nature itself to reshape the world around them.

    • Travel around the globe, from the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands to the Indian rock garden of Nek Chand, the micronation of Sealand to the pirate-founded, anti-slavery community of Libertatia.
    • Organized into 5 chapters: intentional communities, micronations, failed utopias, visionary environments, and strange dreams.
    • Andy Warner is the New York Times bestselling author of Brief Histories of Everyday Objects.

    Fans of Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis and Bryan Caplan's Open Borders will love the graphic novel This Land is My Land.

    The hope that tomorrow will be better than today is shared universally and depicted through the stories of people who were dissatisfied with the status quo, so they chose to build something better.

    • Makes a great coffee table book and a starter to interesting, thought-provoking conversations
    • Extremely fun and informative to read and share


    • I Intentional Communities
      1. Libertatia
      2. The Van Dykes
      3. Freetown Christiania
      4. Auroville
      5. Oyotunji African Village
      6. Temples of Humankind
    • II Micronations
      1. New Atlantis
      2. Sealand
      3. Rose Island
      4. Principality of Hutt River
      5. Operation Atlantis
      6. North Dumpling Island
      7. Ladonia
      8. Liberland
      9. Gay and Lesbian Kingdom of the Coral Sea Islands
    • III Failed Utopias
      1. Palmanova
      2. Oneida
      3. Tama-Re
      4. Fordlandia
    • IV Visionary Environments
      1. Thunder Mountain Monument
      2. Yelang Valley
      3. Arizona Mystery Castle
      4. Gereja Ayam or The Chicken Church
      5. Freedom Cover
      6. Xieng Khuan and Sala Keoku
      7. Ra Paulette's Caves
      8. Nek Chand's Rock Garden
    • V Strange Dreams
      1. Metropolis
      2. Seasteading
      3. Bir Tawil


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