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When two dragons mate, there are three probable results:
  • A Dragon of whatever sort mated (i.e. Iron, Copper, Bronze, Gold, etc);
  • A Drake, which is a psuedo-dragon form with the upper two limbs doubling as wings; or
  • A Wurm, in other words an extremely large fanged serpent / snake. 

All three forms are able to change shape and have magic.  Dragons have all related powers, abilities and rights to whichever class/group they belong to, while Drakes & Wurms remain a part of dragon society, they are considered less than nothing and something barely above property.  They can own nothing not even a name, They have no rights in dragon society, and they cannot have children.


When Fauntleroy crossed the wrong wizard in Jade Realm, he was cursed into his human form and locked into it.  Robbed of most of his magical powers, and banished to Earth.  He had lost all but two of his wives who abandoned him when he became powerless, 6 and 38.

38 was a Wurm.  She is an aggressive sort with everyone save Fauntleroy and 6.  She had named herself "Jane" in resistance to her place in dragon society and unlike her co-wife 6 is very confident in her powers and abilities.   She doesn't truly trust Fauntleroy but she emoted a tentative hope and a strong desire that Fauntleroy keep his promise to elevate her to full dragon status once he gained the power from the Djinni. This kept her going even though Fauntleroy treated her like crap. 

Her tenacity was rewarded when Fauntleroy  gained the power and as promised made her into a full dragon. He released her from all ties to him so she can return home to Jade. 38 has decided to stay and do whatever she can to see her husband build his empire.

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