Thirteenth Floor

    Location » Thirteenth Floor appears in 197 issues.

    Maxwell Tower doesn't officially have a thirteenth floor, but anyone getting on the wrong side of Max the computer, the block's superintendant, will find themselves there, and most don't come back alive.

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    Max gets angry
    Max gets angry

    Max has a fault, but it means he can create a thirteenth floor at Maxwell Towers, where anything he thinks of, can happen.

    Anyone that threatens his tenants, or him, gets sent there. To learn the error of their ways or die. It's all the same to Max, who justifies all of the deaths for the good of his tenants.

    Mr Cawber wasn't long for this world
    Mr Cawber wasn't long for this world

    Written by John Wagner and Alan Grant (using the pseudonym 'Ian Holland'), the Thirteenth Floor ran in all 15 issues of Scream! before transfering to Eagle (from issue 128) and running continuously until issue 258 (a total of 146 episodes).

    Jose Ortiz was the main series artist from start to finish, however, the three one-off stories in the annuals and specials were scripted and illustrated by different creative teams - the artists are known, but not the writer (or writers).

    Thirteenth Floor Stripography

    Main story:

    • Episodes 1-15 (Scream! issues 1-15)
    • Episodes 16-146 (Eagle issues 128-158)

    Story titles:

    • Scream 1-15 (untitled)
    • Eagle 128-145 (continuing the story from Scream - untitled)
    • The Cat Burgler (Eagle 146-147)
    • Farewell, Burt Runch... (Eagle 148-151)
    • Nightmare Leak (Eagle 152-155)
    • The Test (Eagle 156-157)
    • Switched Off! (Eagle 158-160)
    • Grand Reopening (Eagle 161-162)
    • The Mystery of the Gents' Boutique (Eagle 163-173)
    • The Recruits (Eagle 174-177)
    • Special Shoes (Eagle 178-179)
    • The Wrath of Auberon (Eagle 180-185)
    • The Cobra (Eagle 186-192)
    • Computer Fatigue (Eagle 193-195)
    • Teaching the Trotters (Eagle 196-200)
    • The Rabbit Robber (Eagle 201-205)
    • Max Fu (Eagle 206-210)
    • To Russia with Max (Eagle 211-225)
    • Mad Max (Eagle 226-237)
    • The Bad Bikers (Eagle 238-241)
    • Big Joe (Eagle 242-245)
    • The Hot-Rod Granny (Eagle 246-247)
    • Punishing the Piggetts (Eagle 248-249)
    • The Beadles (Eagle 250-254)
    • Max-Mania (Eagle 255-258)

    One-off stories (not scripted by John Wagner/Alan Grant):



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