Third Rail

    Character » Third Rail appears in 51 issues.

    Member of the Blood Syndicate, he absorbs energy and uses it to physically grow in size and strength.

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    The only korean member of the Blood Syndicate. He later falls in love with Brick House, and leaves the Syndicate to open up a food joint with her. He can apparently absorb all forms of energy, be it kinetic or otherwise.


    Third Rail is a bang baby with the powers to absorb & channel different types of energy, using it in a myriad of different ways such as increasing the size of his body as well as for bolstered strength & durability. His powers seem to be automatic and can be used even when he doesn't consciously mean too. He can absorb energy even when unconscious. One good example of his powers is when Icon hit him with a punch filled with energy; Third Rail absorbed the energy even though he got knocked out in the process


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