Third Eye

    Character » Third Eye appears in 16 issues.

    A psychic mutant who formerly worked as an arcane assassin. Sentenced to the Pit by Krokoa's Quiet Council, and was released to hunt down Sabretooth.

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    Major Story Arcs


    Third Eye's life is shrouded in mystery. It is known that his father was some kind of zealot, who trained him to act as a mystic assassin. His father also trained him to use his powers to access the astral plane. When his father died, Third Eye saw his soul fade away on the astral plane, and tried to anchor his father's soul, but failed. Eventually, Third Eye became disillusioned with his father's cause and his role as an assassin, and left that life behind.


    As a mutant, Third Eye was welcome on Krakoa, however, he was one of the first law breakers on the mutant utopia. His precognition predicted that the reckless reproduction encouraged by Krakoa's first law, "Make more mutants," would lead to dangerous, unloved, embittered children, and he started a dialogue that led to the mutant birthratedeclinging signifigantly. He was locked up in The Pit, where prisoners were suspended by Krakoan vines with their minds trapped in a mind prison of Xavier's creation. However, when Sabretooth was imprisoned for killing humans, his angry psyche was able to take over the mind prison and manipulate it to convince his fellow prisoners to break out. This psychic interruption caused physical trauma to the island, so Cypher made a deal with the prisoners. They would be released and exiled from Krakoa to stop their breakout attempts from hurting the land any further. In addition, they would hunt Sabretooth down and use a special seed from Cypher on him.


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