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Slight Fizzle To New Arc

I love science. I like thinking about different areas of science and the possibilities of what would happen if they intermixed a little and created new technologies. Think Tank likes to do that. At the end of each issue, Hawkins goes a little bit in depth of the ideas that inspired the comic and where their roots lie in real world technologies. There are some creative liberties taken, but I find it fascinating to see.

So why doesn’t this book excite me more?

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t like the art is terrible or the story is dull as can be. In fact, both are firing pretty well. There are some ideas that interest me that are being written about, and I am a little curious as to what will be happening next. How will it be explained that David, the main character, returned back to his lab that he fought so hard to escape from in the first story arc? While the story doesn’t come right out and say it, the groundwork is laid out for that answer to come in future issues.

There just isn’t a wow factor for me with this book. There isn’t something that jumps out at me, makes me eager to turn the page to see more, or makes me want to count down to the next issue’s release date. Hawkins asks the reader at the end of the comic to recommend the book to a friend and help spread the word about the book. I could recommend the first four issues to a friend. It had something about it that was interesting enough for me to spread the word.

Part of my problem is that I thought this book ended just right after four issues for the story to be done. In the back end of this issue, Hawkins admits that the comic was intended to end after the first four. So I guess what I am looking for is a reason to continue the book, and I just don’t see that spark for an ongoing series here yet.

The feeling I get from this issue is like seeing a comedian and asking for an encore performance after their initial set. You could get more, but you already heard all the main jokes. This just seems tacked on to the end to see the stuff that wasn’t quite good enough for the main set. Maybe if we stay around long enough then we will get to see a really good joke that should be in the main course, but that is a big maybe.

There are some controversial subjects that are going to be explored in this book, which is a nice telegraph to future issues and some guesses can be made for how the story might play out. You also get some additional background info about certain characters that develop them a little as individuals and fleshes out their character. The crux of this new story seems to rely on hiding some info on David’s character and his intentions. Ultimately it is up to the reader to decide if that tease is something that you want to keep coming back for.

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