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    Although a seemingly wretched creature, Thing-That-Cannot-Die is really a demon from the Ninth Circle of Hell.

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    Early Life

    Describing himself as an English goblin, the Thing was exiled to the Beyond Region by the demon Merlin. At the time Merlin was banishing evil creatures in the land under orders from King Aurthur. The Beyond Region is a limbo like prison. It is said that only one of true virtue can leave the Region, so Thing took it upon himself to find virtues, and free himself.

    Enter The Demon Etrigan

    A thousand years pass, and he stumbles over Jason Blood, who at the time had his mind swapped with the Demon. Thing became friends with Jason, however, the Demon on the other hand was a different story. While in a pub Jason was attacked by the patrons, and thing came to his rescue only to be mortally wounded. However it was soon revealed that Thing's full name was "Thing-That-Cannot-Die". Like the name states, he cannot die.

    Jason was captured and imprisoned leaving Thing to attempt a rescue. That rescue did not go as planned, and Wonder Woman, sent to the Beyond Reason by Klarion The Witch Boy, ends up saving the day. She leave the Demon in the prison, and takes Thing to safety. She then leaves the land, for she is undoubtedly a woman of true virtue.

    Thing soon reunited with Jason, and the two of them encountered Lord Scapegoat, Etrigans younger brother. Lord Scapegoat was delighted to see his brother, and entreated the two demons into his palace. Giving them food and tending their wounds. Jason and Thing are eager to leave the region, so they leave Demon's brother and find the exit to the land. Thing had proved himself worthy to leave, however Etrigan betrayed him. Etrigan takes escapes himself and abandons Thing in an area just outside of the Beyond Region.


    Thing eventually escapes to hell, and found his way into the impregnable fortress of Flyn. Here he found and consumed the heart of Belial, which gave him both strange magical powers and terrible gas.

    It was then that Etrigan, Lobo, and Morax, who had formed a team know as the "Dudes", found Thing. The Dudes had been questing for the heart of Belial in order to restore their friend Harry Matthews back to human form. Thing was beaten to a bloody pulp many times over by Morax. Morax tries to avoid the word "cannot" and loves a challenge. However, this challenge ended when the two angels Remiel and Duma showed up to interrupt the workings of Etrigan. Subsequently this caused a fight involving the angels, Etrigan, Lobo, and Morax.

    After the fight ended, a teary eyed Thing pleads to the angels for his freedom and return to his beloved England. The angels are so angry over everything they only reply "tough luck, sucker", leaving him in hell. Poor thing is then attacked by Lobo who out of boredom tries to prove Things name wrong. After a good beating the Dudes decide to take thing with them on their quest, for he may be of use to them. Indeed thing did prove useful.

    When Belial got his heart back, Merlin tricked and slew his brother Etrigan. Thing was the first to attack Merlin, singeing off his beard with hellfire breath. Locked in magical combat, Thing was holding his own, until Belial stepped on him.

    A fight, Morax & Lobo vs. Belial & Merlin, breaks out. it is then revealed that Etrigan is not dead. Both he and Merlin lock in magical combat. During the battle Merlin searches for his Book of Eternity. However, thing has consumed it in his hunger, making him even more powerful. Thus, Belial and Merlin are defeated and the dudes then begin to split up.

    Morax takes a blow to the head from Lobo and is left in hell. The rest try to exit hell, however a guardian demon blocks the path. Etrigan makes a deal with Thing that if he uses his new found magic to slay the guardian, he will take thing back to earth. Thing battles the beast unsuccessfully, and is left in hell, while Etrigan and Lobo escape.

    Back To Earth

    In a bizarre turn of events, Thing does eventually escape hell and runs into Wonder Woman in earth. As it turns out Thing was actually a powerful demon from the ninth circle of hell. Now back on earth he sets loose his powers. Wonder Woman then put a stop to the Thing-That-Cannot-Die, doing what no one else could. She killed him with her sword.


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