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    Thia is the a Titan, goddess of the Sun and Sight. She is one of the original Titans and a daughter of Gaea and Uranus. Thia had superior strength, invulnerability, and immortality and could only be slain by another god.

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    Thia was once the goddess of the sun.  In ancient times, she married her brother and counterpart Hyperion, and with the rest of the Titans of Myth, they fought against the Olympian gods for supremacy and lost.  Zeus imprisoned the Titans in a bottomless pit of Tartarus.

    Thousands of years later (about 70 years ago), Thia escaped Tartarus alone and came to Earth.  There she adapted to mortal ways and began to amass mortal power.  She had numerous husbands and lovers - all of whom she slew - and numerous children, who were now carefully placed in positions of power in commerce and politics.

    Nearly 20 years ago, Thia married one of the world's richest men, the president of Sun Publishing.  She went on to kill him, but not before they had a child who would grow up to be the Teen Titan Lilith.

    Lilith was taken from Thia by a nurse and therefore was the only one of Thia's children who was not raised as a demi-god on earth.

    Eventually, Thia found Lilith and kidnapped the girl to rule at her side, as she prepared to attack Olympus.  Thia kidnapped the Amazons of Themyscira, and ordered her mortal slave Kole to imprison them.  Next, Thia attacked Olympus and suceeded in wrestling the throne from Zeus.

    Sensing a possible threat from the recently freed Titans, she sent the giants of Myth to destroy them and at least three of her brothers and sisters were killed in the battle.  Meanwhile, the Teen Titans arrived from Earth and helped to turn the tide by releasing the Amazons from their captivity.  Hyperion attacked Thia, and both husband and wife perished in a flaming pyre.  However, Thia's dreams did not die with her.  One of her sons, Carl Vesper, sensed his mother's death and began to plan how he could lead Thia's progeny, the Children of the Sun, in world domination.


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