Character » Thermal appears in 39 issues.

    Intrepid reporter Rebecca Hailey underwent genetic manipulation granting her powers to inflitrate Brigade for a story painting them as ruthless killers.

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    Rebecca Hailey did not join Brigade to be a hero. In fact she was sent by her editor to expose Battlestone and Bridage as dangerous vigilantes.

    Because of her secretive background as a journalist, many of the Brigade teammates did not completely trust her.

    As time went by and Thermal proved herself mission after mission, she began to see Battlestone more of a leader of heroes than a mindless vigilante.

    Becoming a valuable addition to the team has helped removed a lot of distrust even to the extent that Coldsnap and her became best friends and more.

    Thermal continued to help Coldsnap adapt to his extraodinary transformation and became Coldsnap's last link to his sanity.

    This was until during a battle, the villain Crypt killed Thermal and pushed Coldsnap's mind past breaking point. Coldsnap in attempt to reap revenge was also killed.


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