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    A powerful near indestructible robot foe to Thor.

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    Thermal Man is an artificial being or robot that was created and designed by Professor Chen in China who served the Mandarin during his Counter-Revolution. Thermal Man was designed to be a super-worker to help further the aims of the revolution by achieving technological breakthroughs during robotics "Golden Years". However the Cultural Revolution changed everything and the Chinese government intervened and seized the robot. Mr. Chen would be placed in prison for protesting against the government. Thermal Man was reprogrammed and unleashed on American soil to test its offensive and defensive capabilities. A fault in its reprogramming caused Thermal Man to malfunction and the government lost control of the robot. China realized they unleashed a doomsday weapon and tried to make amends by providing an implosion device to destroy Thermal Man. However the bomb failed and Thermal Man would come into conflict with the mighty Thor. Thermal Man was strong enough to hold off Thor for a while but it was eventually defeated when the God of Thunder created a powerful typhoon that swept the renegade robot deep into the icy waters in the Arctic Circle.   


    The Thermal Man is a Marvel comic book character, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The character first appears in Thor #168 released in 1967.    

    Major Story Arcs


    Thermal Man would emerge from his icy tomb when a team of Chinese scientists test a neutron bomb in the Arctic and the radiation apparently reactivated the robot's power plant. Thermal Man attacked the scientists and numerous guards surrounding him. Thermal Man would reach New York  and follow its original programming of destroying all it sees. Out of desperation, the Chinese government release Professor Chen from his cell and hopefully he can devise a plan to stop Thermal Man and prevent an international incident. Professor Chen agreed to help in exchange for a full pardon and comfortable pension. Chen was taken to his secret lab in the Beijing Industrial District and started to work on a remote programmer. Thor would engage Thermal Man once more and gain some assistance from the federal troops. Thermal Man is taken down with a particle beam and encased inside a plasma field. Professor Chen would finish his device and he is transported to New York City while Thor stands guard with the federal troops. Thermal Man awakes and manages to escape from the plasma force field when he uses his optic sensors to identify and isolate the weakest point in the field's matrix. The federal troops evacuate the area while Thor fights the metallic juggernaut. Professor Chen arrives as Thor is slammed into a parked car and uses his device to rewrite Thermal Man's primary programming. Thermal Man pauses in his tracks and appears to follow his original creator. Professor Chen tries Thermal Man's deactivation sequences when the robot incinerates his creator with his thermal beams. Thor is enraged and spins Mjolnir faster and faster around his robotic enemy. Thermal Man is taken skyward into a trans-dimensional vortex. Thermal Man is taken to Jotunheim where the ice giants were planning an assault on Asgard. Thermal Man is clubbed from behind and fights back against his mythical foes. The ice giants concentrate their attack on Thermal Man and Asgard is safe once more. The ice giants used some magic to cast Thermal Man into another plane and the robot fell from the sky and landed in a junkyard somewhere in New Jersey.  


    Thermal Man would be recovered, repaired and improved by engineers from Redfield Electronics. Mr. Redfield ignored the warnings from his engineers that Thermal Man was too dangerous because he had plans of selling the robot to the Pentagon to prevent his company from going bankrupt. Mr. Redfield ordered one of his engineers to activate a switch and Thermal Man began to absorb energy like a sponge. Thermal Man went into override and came back to life after he got all the power he wanted. Thermal Man broke free of his restraints and started to kill the engineers and guards around him. Paul Conklin contacted his wife, Captain Shelley Conklin of Code Blue for assistance and they arrived with some heavy artillery and thermal insulation suits. Mad Dog Rassitano and Fireworks Fielstein hit Thermal Man with rocket launchers but it barely faded the robot. Lt. Stone ordered Ruiz to spray Thermal Man with a liquid nitro cannon and it was immobilized for a few seconds. Thermal Man broke free and was coming after the fallen Lt. Stone when Thunderstrike arrived and engaged the artificial powerhouse. Lt. Stone recovered and called Majowski to deliver a special package from Stark Industries to their location. During the battle, Paul Conklin went into Mr. Redfield's office to retrieve an important folder and he gave it to his wife before Thermal Man caused a wall to collapse on him with a powerful eye blast. Monitors started to confirm that Thermal Man was running out of power when Code Blue received their special package containing monomolecular razor-wire made out of pure adamantium. Rassitano and Thunderstrike put adamantium-laced gloves on and ran through Therman Man's legs. The adamantium wired severed both legs and then the two heroes decapitated Therman Man with one swipe. Shelley Conklin gave the file to Lt. Stone which contained Mr. Redfield's secret plan with Thermal Man. Mr. Redfield had programmed Thermal Man to run wild when activated and destroy Redfield Electronics so he could collect from the insurance money. 

    Powers and Abilities

    Thermal Man is an artificial construct that possesses superhuman strength and durability. Thermal Man can absorb energy to power itself up and can fire energy bolts from his hand and eyes. Thermal Man's sensor systems could expose vulnerabilities in objects to allow for Thermal Man to exploit them. Thermal Man was constructed out of extremely durable metal supposedly close to adamantium in durability.  
    Physical Characteristics  
    Height: 25' 0"
    Weight: 15 tons
    Hair: None
    Eyes: Red   

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