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    Character » Therese Wolf appears in 98 issues.

    Therese is the middle child and the fourth one born of Snow and Bigby's litter.

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    Therese, a blonde-headed cub who is observant, but tends to confuse things. While she does tend to play rough like the rest of her siblings, Therese is known to dress more girlish. She also stands out from her siblings as she becomes a blonde wolf when she shape-shifts. Recently in the Cubs in Toyland, Therese may be tricked or under the influence of her toy boat that was given as a gift. While it appears friendly and promises to take her somewhere, the boat has more malicious plans.

    The boat and stream mysteriously grow in size, and the boat convinces her to hop on. The boat takes Therese to Toyland, a bleak, mysterious land inhabited by discarded toys. The toys take her to a palace, where Therese is crowned as their queen. Therese is thrilled at first, but quickly realizes that because nothing grows in Toyland and everything there is a toy, there is nothing for her to eat there. Meanwhile, Mountbatten and Ranger Mike Danger toy are recruited by Darien to help find Therese. But just as they finally get close enough to find her, the other toys that tricked Therese attack Darien and the others. Mountbatten is presented to her during the toys court, to which he tries to appeal to Therese and telling her he came to save her. He then stated she needed to be saved fro this terrible place, hinting it could be affecting her or simply he wanted to return her home. But his pleas fall on death ears, the innocent Therese he knew was gone.

    Whether due to the influence of the island, her own descent into insanity, or starvation, Therese coldly demands the toys to kill him. Once Mountbatten is dead, Therese savagely ate at his raw flesh. She cruelly demands the toys burn the wooden toys so she could have cooked meat. Afterwards, Therese began to show deep regret for her deeds and wondered if she would only be meant to do bad things. When the toys arrive with more wood, she sees a shock Darien's wooden toys and realizes he's here. And began to look for him out of worry, as there was not enough food to take care of both of them. But she'd find him too late, she found his clothes and grass growing near a magical cauldron that had different types of food.

    Regaining some strength from the food, she found one of the faded toys Rex, a stuffed dog. He told her the Fisher King was gone. She begged him to know what became of Darien but Rex simply explained that the Fisher King had sacrificed his life to bring back life to the land. As much as Therese didn't want to believe it, she knew it was Darien who had sacrificed himself so Therese could survive. For many days (or years as the time went rapidly on the island), Therese mourned her brother's death and began to see how wrong she had been to kill Mountabtten. When she felt she had mourned enough, Therese vowed to not let her brother's sacrifice go to waste. She later explained to the toys that in many ways Therese was the queen they had deserved. They had been bad toys and she regarded herself as a spoiled, vain, and wicked in the past. And just like them, she had become a murderer.

    She promised to restore them, but not with a wave of a hand like they thought. Instead the toys and herself, perhaps, would have to earn their forgiveness. She goes on to explain that she's one with the land and may have been from the beginning but was too blind to seen it. Now that she was, she could fix the rules and sent the toys on missions to the outside world to save children from deaths (such as drowning in a pool or choking on a toy). Years went by in Toyland and as the toys began their rescue missions of children, the land grew and the toys began to repair. Eventually the entire land was green and luscious, she survived from the magic cauldron that provided her food.

    But the food was ashes to her mouth, either out of guilt or grief. In the Cubs in Toyland epilogue, its revealed although it appears Therese was able to rebuild Mountbatten's destroyed body. According to Mountbatten himself, it was probably because he was not a citizen of her kingdom. Its something Therese was felt great regret for not be able to repair him. But in a way, she does him one favor, she returns to the mundy world for him to give an explanation of hers and Darien's fates. She's last seen at her family's home at Wolf Manor, now a grown woman or perhaps an older teenager, and appears to her mother and her brothers and sisters; whom are still the same when she disappeared. Showing again time passed differently at Toyland than the mundy world. It ends with her wanting to explain what became of Darien and how he saved her.


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