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A former maintenance man, Theodore Davros was chosen by the Manipulator to be a part of Deathweb. He was given a serum that the Manipulator had engineered to enhance peoples bodies to superhuman levels. However, the serum had the side effect that anyone who consumed it needed to take an antidote every day to stay alive.

Major Story Arcs

With Deathweb, Therak battled Spider-Woman (Julia) many times, and even clashed with the Avengers. When he was fighting Wonder Man, it was revealed that his powers stemmed from ionic power, the same as Wonder Man. Later, after the Manipulator had refused to give Deathweb the antidote they needed, Therak beat the Manipulator before he and the rest of Deathweb were taken to prison were they were cured.

Later, Count Nefaria broke Therak out of prison and took him captive to siphon off his ionic energy.

Powers And Abilities

Therak has superhuman strength and durability. He has even knocked Wonder Man unconscious by throwing him against a wall.


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