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    Theo is one of Circe's Beastiamorphs, but with a surprising twist.

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    Theo was a horse, until he was changed by Circe's magic, and became a man known as Theophilus Ventouras. Theo is unaware of his origin, and searches a way to be rid of the curse in secret.

    Major Story Arcs

    Theo now owns the wealthiest estate on a Greek island. Theo also has fallen in love with his maid, Anna Devaris. Theo served the sorceress Circe seemingly faithfully, but still searching a way to remove the curse. When his nephew, Demetrios, was slain by the resistance, he cried in agony, which was heard by Circe, who then used her magic to transform her followers into half-beasts. The bestiamorphs lead by Theo, then hunted down a scroll that was stolen from Circe. Wonder Woman got in their way, and they fought her. Wonder Woman was knocked unconscious by Circe's magic, and the bestiamorphs took her to Aeaea, to Circe. Theo assisted Circe when she tried to kill the amazon, all the while Theo secretly hoped that Wonder Woman would defeat Circe. When Circe disappeared, Theo returned to home to his lover Anna. Theo and Anna moved to New York. The bestiamorph changes stopped and Theo went to work on the docks.

    But the changes returned. Theo learned about the alien race Scourge, and remembered that Circe initially got her bestiamorphism ingredient from them. Theo and Anna started to dig in the sewers under New York for the alien ship. Hoping to get an antidote for their affliction. Anna however knew it was a trap by Circe, and didn't warn Theo, because she didn't want him to know of his origin, and what the end of the curse meant for him. After Circe had sprung the trap, Theo fought alongside Wonder Woman and Donna Troy, and his lover Anna joined them. Anna was stabbed by one the reanimated skeletons, which sent Theo in rage. Thinking his lover dead he let himself get stabbed by one of the skeletons, and destroyed it by running into a wall. After Theo dies he reverted back to his original self, a horse. Anna died shortly after, and Wonder Woman buried them both side-by-side.


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