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This page is for the second Thena, Princess Thena
For the original Thena, see: Azura.


The daughter of Thor and Sif, like her father, Thena inherited her father's powers and became the goddess of storms in Asgard


Thena was created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Lim

Character Evolution 

 Thena II (Scion of the Sacred Storm)
 Thena II (Scion of the Sacred Storm)
Thena was attacked in error by heroes Nova and Earth Sentry as soon as she landed on Earth. In a fit of rage she battled the A-Next team to a standstill until stunned by a power-blast from Katherine Power. Thena joined the team on their mission to rescue Kevin Masterson, not realizing that it was a trap created by Sylene; as a way to use the Avengers' (and other heroes) powers to transform Earth into a newer version of Asgard. And even though both Thena and J2 were used as sacrifices for the spell; they manage to free themselves and Thena (under her father's orders) restores Kevin's powers, allowing him to become Thunderstrike.    

Major Story Arcs 

Powers and Abilities 

Divine Powers

As a Asgardians, Thena possess the standard physical attributes of an Asgardian Females 25 tons, superhuman speed far superior to that of the finest human athlete and stamina enabling them to perform at their absolute peak for at least 24 hours before even starting to tire. She also have superhuman reflexes greater than a human's, superhuman durability that allows her to withstand (powerful impact forces, extreme temperatures, high pressures, energy blasts and high caliber bullets without sustaining injury) and agility.


She possess a regenerative healing factor, being capable of healing from injuries such as slashes and puncture wounds in a matter of hours, and mending broken bone within the day. She can't however, re-genarate missing limbs or organs without magical assistance.  


With her hammer, Thena can fly and summon powerful weather effects in the same way as her father can do. The hammer can also be used to emit energy blasts and it returns to her hand when thrown.

Other Versions

Other Media


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