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This page is for the original Thena, Azura.

For the second Thena, see: Princess Thena


Thena is a female Eternal and the daughter of Zuras and Cybele. The name that was originally given to her at birth was Azura however, she was renamed in honor of Athena, an Olympian Goddess, after Zuras formed a truce with Zeus. She served as representative of the latter to humanity and the city of Athens was actually named after Thena.


Thena was created by Jack Kirby, the King of Comics. Thena first appearance in the Eternals vol 1 #5 (11/1976). In 1998, a story arc in Marvel Universe #4-7 retconned the history of Thena. This retcon revealed that a goddess who appeared in Red Raven Comics #1 (8/1940) was Thena using a different alias.

Mayor Story Arcs

Thena met Kro, a rare Deviant the Immortal, while they were both active in ancient Babylon. They fought each other several times in the intervening millennia but have spared each others lives on many occasions. Later it was found that the two were actually attracted to each other and mated during the Vietnam War. They are the parents of two hybrid Eternal-Deviant children, Donald and Deborah Ritter. Thena typically serves as second-in-command of her father and has acted as Prime Eternal (the Eternal's leader) following the apparent death of her father. She later stepped down in favor of Ikaris, however, with the recent revival of Zuras, Thena can be expected to return to her second-in-command role.

Powers and Abilities


Thena has superhuman strength, able to lift roughly 2500 pounds when not using her powers. When engaged in combat she uses cosmic energy to enhance her own physical strength and endurance. She can lift upwards of 25 tons. Like most Eternals, Thena has extended longevity, an ability to regenerate from injuries, can levitate ("fly") at will and use the Cosmic Power for a variety of offensive and defensive uses. Rigorous training and self-discipline make her one of the most powerful Eternals.

Telepathy: Thena has low-level telepathy. She can communicate with other minds in her vicinity and scan the surface thoughts of minds less adept than her own. She is unable however to penetrate the defenses of other telepaths. She can alter the perceptions of other persons in her immediate vicinity, granting her a minor illusion casting ability.


Thena is an immortal scholar with over 4000 years of studies in various fields. She also has excelled in battle for the same duration, although the spear and crossbow remain her favorite weapons.

Unarmed Combat

Thena is an accomplished athlete and a competent hand-in-hand-combatant. Her physical abilities are superior to the average female Eternal with little to no combat experience.

Other Versions

Other Media

Marvel Studios' The Eternals (2021)

Thena will make her live-action debut in the upcoming film The Eternals, portrayed by Angelina Jolie.


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