Thelma Gordon

    Character » Thelma Gordon appears in 4 issues.

    Barbara Gordon's biological mother who prior to Flashpoint continuity changes, died in a car accident. In current continuity, she has recently reappeared in her daughter's life.

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    Major Story Arcs

    Barbara Gordon's Origin

    Thelma Gordon has had few comic appearances, mostly flashback's to times before Barbara Gordon was Batgirl/Oracle. Following Crisis on Infinite Earths, Barbara Gordon was no longer James Gordon's biological daughter, but instead his niece/adoptive daughter. Barbara's biological parents were Roger Gordon (Jame's brother) and his wife Thelma. When Barbara was young, her mother went to Youngstown, Ohio to visit her sister. Both sisters were in a car accident. Thelma died in the car accident, which lead to Roger succumbing to alcoholism, and Barbara living with her Uncle.


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