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The Zodiac Master works as a fortuneteller in a "mystic parlor" in Gotham City, complete with a Taurus the bull and a Leo the lion doorway whose jaws lock shut behind him when he needs to beat a hasty retreat. Employed by gangs to see how their crimes will fare in conjunction with the stars, for a 25 percent of the take, the villain plots a grand scheme of his own. However, the Batman arrests him in the act at the Gotham Museum.


Signs of the zodiac that can be plucked from his costume and used as weapons:

Gemini - twin flaming, flying figures

Sagittarius - destructive "jet arrow"

Aries - ram is an incendiary device

Scorpio - an entangling mesh

Cancer - crab can fly and pluck objects up in its claw

Capricorn - goat is a battering ram


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