The X-Men #62

    The X-Men » The X-Men #62 - Strangers in a Savage Land released by Marvel on November 1, 1969.

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    Angel is flying away from Pterodactyls in a strange place, and is hit by one of those claws. Suddenly he remember that he had awake in an apartment with Alex Summers and Lorna Dane. They told him that it was Sauron who had defeat him and that the others X-Men were after Dr. Lykos without knowing that he is actually Sauron. Then Angel flies to Dr. Lykos' office and then to Dr. Anderssen's house, just to know that they all went to Tierra del Fuego looking for Tanya and Lykos.

    Algel fells into the strange cave, and landed at Savage Land, where he is found by Amphibius and his master. The man says that Angel is dead but captures him anyway.

    Meanwhile, Iceman, Beast, Cyclops and Marvel Girl are fighting against one T-Rex also in the Savage Land. When Cyclops was striking the animal with his blasts, Ka-Zar shows up and tells them to stop, that this is his land and they must be quiet. After a brief fight, Ka-Zar leaves the X-Men alone again. Then he encounters Equilibrius and some swamp-men with a water-man as hostage, and fight them. He was loosing but the X-Men help him and defeat the savages.

    In another place, the man is trying to give live back to Angel when Equilibrius arrives and tells him that the others X-Men are helping Ka-Zar. Angel promess to help him if his cause was right, even against his fellows. The man also had made another suit for Angel, white and blue.

    Ka-Zar, Zabu and the X-Men follow the last Swamp-Man into his hideout, and find Piper, another Savage Land Mutate, with the power of enchanter monsters with his flute's song. A huge monster appear and attack the X-Men, while Ka-Zar goes to Piper and defeat him, making the monster goes back to a lake.

    The man tells Angel that this Mutates were outliers inside his own people and that he is helping them to understand their powers, and they help him against Ka-Zar. He talk about Gaza (who can mentally see), Amphibius (the frog-man), Barbarus (who has four arms), Lupo (who can speak with beasts), Brainchild (who has a computer brain) and about Piper.

    After that, Angel tells that he can convince the X-Men to leave this man alone and fly away. Then the strange man tells Amphibius that Angel doesn't suspect anything, because he is not using his usual costume, and shows his helmet - Magneto's helmet.


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    Despite Marvel's claim several issues ago never to do multiple-part stories again, the creative team of the X-Men have both tied this issue into the two-part story of the previous two issues and connected it to the next forthcoming issue. I assume the creative team is Thomas and Adams again, but the issue never gives any credits for the first time in the series' run. The artwork looks like Neal Adams, but the bizarre "flashback" panels are quite poorly done, even if they are attempts at hazy mem...

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