The X-Men #60

    The X-Men » The X-Men #60 - In the Shadow of Sauron released by Marvel on September 1969.

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    The X-Men with Lorna Dane and shocked Alex Summers flies away from Sentinels' HQ, and take Havok to Dr. Lykos. Judge Chalmers release Banshee, Larry Trask all evil mutants from Sentinels' prisons.

    Back to Liko's exam room, we know about his young life: long time ago, he and his father were on "Tierra del Fuego", next to Antarctic, with a very rich man, Herr Andersen and his daughter Tanya. She lost herself and all guys searched for her. Young Karl Lykos found her inside a cave, being attacked by pteranodons. He managed to save her but became on shock after that. After he awakes, he realizes that he needs to steal energy from others to survive.

    Now Lykos drains Havok's energy, and because it is to great, he transforms himself to a Pteranodon, and calls himself Sauron, after Tolkien's Lord of the Ring evil incarnate.

    Back in Xavier's mansion, the X-Men are watching TV and watch about Sauron. Angel put on his old Avenging Angel costume (as a disguise for the humans, because last issues) and fly towards Sauron. When he finds the monster, he is hypnotized by him.


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    And here we are, coming back to normal. Neal Adams's fine work, while still a tremendous asset, is losing its ability to distract the reader from the plot holes and troubled dialogue of Rascally Roy. In his favor, we are fortunately by now far removed from those ultra-condescending days of calling us "pussycat" every third panel, and the dialogue is mostly superior to those 20s-issues a few years (for him) ago. Thus I do give credit to Mr. Thomas's maturity as a plot and dialogue constructionist...

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