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We Have a Leader

Finally, Scott Summers is performing as an actual leader. People listen to him, and he says intelligent things during action-filled away missions. This provides a good motor for the issue, which is rather fast-paced (perhaps too much so, though, since the issue is dominated by movement with very little content actually occurring). Again we have an issue with rather significant flaws, but the overall impression of the work is so positive the flaws are more digestible (though not quite as easily as the last couple of issues). I understand that the last few issues have been moving in an imbricating pattern, but this "wrap-up" issue leaves a lot hanging out there: what happened to the Toad, Pietro, Wanda, Unus, Blob, and Mastermind? How did Hank fit into Toad's costume? Would Wanda and Jean really change clothes in front of the guys? The sun thing ... I guess. It's sort of clever, but the whole "logic" aspect doesn't really work out too cleanly. Even so, the whole issue manages to help you forget the many flaws and head scratching moments. The bizarre denouement adds to the overall impression: Alex attempts to sacrifice himself again, and some old pal of Xavier's is going to be a help, except he's a diabolical maniac. The letters pages tell us Roy, Neal, and Tom have big plans for the revitalized X-Men, and it seemed like it could have been a great ride, had it begun 12-some issues earlier.

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