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The End of The X-Men!

Foggy Nelson has been hired to read Professor Xavier's will to the X-Men. Scott Summers is now in charge of the school and equipment and has been made trustee of Xavier's money.

FBI agent Fred Duncan tells the X-Men about a great danger but as he speaks Juggernaut shows up in the lab and wants to know where his brother Xavier is. Juggernaut doesn't believe Xavier is dead and starts to look around for him after battling the X-Men. When the Juggernaut see Xavier's grave he become enraged as someone has robbed him of vengeance and battles with the X-Men again. Suddenly Juggernaut disappears back to the Crimson Cosmos, as quickly as he had appeared.

Afterwards Fred Duncan tells the X-Men to split the group up because this way they can be more effective across the country and won't be as easy a target as if they stay together.

...And Then There Were Two

A mob attacks Cyclops and Bobby Drake and arrests them. The two mutants are about to be hanged but Xavier mentally appears and tells Cyclops to escape and run to Drake's home. When they come to the house, Xavier has already calmed down the mob and convinced Bobby's parents about their son joining his school. Xavier then erases the memory of Bobby's powers from his parent's memories. Thus Iceman become the second X-Man and The X-Men are formed.



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The End of the Beginning 0

In the late 60's the X-Men series was on a downward spiral and eventually ended up being cancelled with only reprints being run until 1975. However this issue is a gem that stands out among the rest.This is a rather touching story taking place after the first X-Men/Avengers crossover in history. In the last issue the young mutants were unable to mourn their professor properly due to an interruption by Quicksilver that eventually lead to the X-Men fighting Magneto AND The Avengers. This well told...

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Socialist Services 0

Again, we have an issue that is trying to be very good, and actually has some rather fine elements, but it cannot sustain them and is hampered by a number of irrational elements. The cover is great, but I don't want to overrate the issue just because it is mostly better than most of the issues lately, but it does rank a bit higher than the other 40s so far. Gary Friedrich does a better job this issue with tying up loose ends many fans had noticed (and wrote in the letters pages) since the abrupt...

0 out of 0 found this review helpful.
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