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The Torch Is Passed...!

Magneto is watching a big screen, where the X-Men are in Xavier's funeral, and then Quicksilver appears. Back to the mansion, they find a video-tape with a message from Xavier, saying that he knew he would die, and asking them for a final request: to defeat Magneto that had returned to Earth - before The Stranger had sent him back to his planet during X-Men #18.

Quiksilver and Scarlet Witch had both returned to the Brotherhood because she'd lost her powers when they were joining the Avengers and Magneto had promised them he would cure her, but what they didn't know is that Magneto had caused that lost of powers on purpose.

Magneto them attacks a cargo ship to steal a giant computer, but the X-Men had predicted the attack and have been already inside the ship. They fight the Brotherhood and are defeated.

Call Him... Cyclops

The second story is a resume of Cyclops first steps as an X-Man, and how he'd got his powers to shoot his blasts - from the Sun light.


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Funeral of Xavier 0

This is the final issue of Roy Thomas' first run of the title. It includes a funeral for Professor X, a set-up of the X-Men's new situation and a reintroduction to the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. A Pretty good issue. But lets see what we have here. - The issue opens with the funeral of Xavier. Taking place in an unnamed graveyard under constant rain. A Reverend Brown is presiding. Only Angel, Beast, Cyclops,  Iceman, and Marvel Girl bothered to turn up and mourn for him. Jean offers an explanat...

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Funeral Interruptus 0

Roy Thomas bows out the same way he came in: bringing back old villains and doing not that much with them. Magneto is back to being a maniacal, static character with facial expressions straight out of C horror movies, though he does have some interesting lines about being Pietro's friend (which he quickly dismisses in his own tyrannical interior monologues). Thomas does a decent job depicting Pietro and Wanda, though on the further reflection they seem to be back where they were when we first me...

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