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Cyclops and Iceman were fighting against US Army while the others X-Men are trapped with Blob behind the Iron Curtain, and the Mutant Master is watching them from his big monitor. Mastermind and Unus attack Cyclops and Iceman but they manage to escape. Marvel Girl releases herself and the others from prison and they convince the communists that Blob has a bomb and that the Factor Three want the world to go on a Third War. The X-Men reaches Factor Three's HQ, and all evil mutants are there: Blob, Unus, Vanisher and the Mutant Master. Professor Xavier explain to everyone that the Mutant Master just want to destroy the Earth. Then all mutants try to destroy the Mutant Master, but it is Banshee who actually defeats him with his scream, that transforms him to his original form - a green alien from the star-sun Sirius.

Finally all mutants together attack the alien and he commits suicide. Also we discover that the professor Xavier who discovered the Mutant Master was really the Changeling, who doesn't want the world destroyed.

At the end, Jean shows new colored costumes to the X-Men.

2nd story: the origin of Cyclops - he escapes from an angry mob, from the cops and at the end meets Jack O'Diamond. Meanwhile prof. Xavier and FBI agent Fred Duncan is looking for him.


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This is the conclusion to the Factor Three Saga and Thomas has several ideas to present. Unfortunately, the story moves at a rather frenetic pace. Not devoting enough time in exploring any particular detail. Some of the ideas are rather interesting and could have led to further stories. Others were plain weird. Lets see:   - Jean and Hank manage to use their combined powers to escape. The Beast known Russian and tries to alert the nearby generals of the danger threatening them all. Blob and Marv...

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How Not to End a Series 0

At least it's all over. No more Factor 3. No more "Professor X is missing!" The finale is not a total waste, and it does have some fine moments here and there, but the majority of it is almost impressively illogical and foolish. The X-Men's separate away team missions are wrapped up quickly and easily, for some reason leaving the Russians happy with the mutants and the Americans angry at them. Thomas again has things happen just so they will happen, free of any sense or logic involved: the good ...

2 out of 2 found this review helpful.
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