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The X-Men had escaped from Mutant Master. Mutant Master reveals to Changeling his plans on make the humans destroy themselves on a 3rd World War, and then the mutants could rule the Earth, with him as their leader. The X-Men try to avoid his evil plans, and split into two groups: while Marvel Girl, Beast and Angel go to Europe, Iceman and Cyclops go to Washington. In Europe the X-Men find Vanisher and Blob, manage to defeat them but are captured by the Russian Army. Inside the Pentagon Cyclops and Iceman too are having problems with the US Army.

2nd story: "A man called... X" - The Origin of Cyclops.

Young Scott Summers is having problems with an angry mob because of his powers, and professor Xavier is telling the FBI agent Fred Duncan that he could help with mutant issues.


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X-Men vs the armies 0

Roy Thomas continues his Cold War saga with another decent issue. Though the structure of the story seems to resemble that of a typical Justice Society of America tale of the 1940s. In other words, the story requires the team to split and head for different destinations, completing different tasks. Each told in a different chapter.The second story is more significant. Nominally it is the beginning of Cyclops' first origin story. Actually its a 5-page story on Professor X, with Cyclops having a c...

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Let's Check the Predicto-Scope, Shall We? 0

It's located right next to the Plot-Thinner and Suck-o-Matic. Apparently trying to outdo his own inanity, Roy Thomas surpasses the ineffective oblivio-ray with the predicto-scope. Factor Three has been underground too long. Once again Roy Thomas presents us with some potentially good ideas that succumb to horribly inept execution. Leaving aside the farcical presentation of military personnel ("Take no chances! Assume he is alone!"), Thomas can't even keep the motivation of Factor Three straight....

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