The X-Men #33

    The X-Men » The X-Men #33 - Into the Crimson Cosmos! released by Marvel on June 1, 1967.

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    Juggernaut is heading to Factor Three HQ, destroying everything in his path. Back in X-Men's mansion, Jean is trying to awake the Professor with some sort of device. He shows Jean a story about the origin of the ruby of Crimson Bands, hundreds of years ago. A monster called Xorak was the crystal protector, but after a fight against the Ancient One, he becomes an eternal Outcast, protecting the gem from its inside plan. After the story, the X-Men were trying to search for the Ancient One with Cerebro, when Dr. Strange's spectrum enters the room. He tells that the essence of the Ancient One had passed to him and proposes a journey into the Crimson Cosmos for knowledge about Citorak. Cyclops and Marvel Girl do the strange journey and encounter the Outcast, battle and defeat him. Meanwhile, Juggernaut reaches NY airport and fight against Iceman, Beast and Angel. Then Cyclops appears with the ruby prototype on his hands and uses it to send Juggernaut arrested into the Crimson Cosmos. At the end, when the X-Men go back to the mansion look for Xavier, he had been gone, taken by Factor Three.


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    Decent but far from great. 0

    Roy Thomas has written hundreds of stories involving magic and magic users in titles such as "Conan the Barbarian", "Red Sonja", "the Defenders", "Brother Voodoo" and "Ghost Rider". The story of this issue is among his very early efforts on the subject. This ought to be exciting. Unfortunately, what we get is a decent story with some fancy ideas. But a rather clumsy execution.   The good:  - The Juggernaut is further established as a powerhouse. The X-Men have notified the National Guard of the ...

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    Momentum Schmomentum 0

    And then this happened. Wow. Roy Thomas actually makes us wish for one of the improbable 1-page finales for the previous issue, instead of sitting through an almost thoroughly disappointing mess. Thomas makes a lot of things happen simply because he wants them to happen, not because they makes sense or fit within the admittedly young and growing X-Universe: Cerebro was smashed beyond repair last issue, but the X-Men find it merely toppled over and working just fine - in fact, better than ever, w...

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