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All Righty Then!

Now, we're talking. True, Thomas does spoil the ending with the magic voice of Factor Three convincing the Juggernaut to give up his plans, but the issue is quite enjoyable for most of its duration. Thomas does try to spoil the very beginning with a note "hey, this is a two-parter," but the character moments for the first half of the story overcome the still-lingering lack of interest in the seriousness of the series. We get treated to the X-Men working together, finally, to stop a ludicrous band of bikers; even more impressive, they do it covertly out of their costumes. Perhaps that is the key so far - their uniforms make them solitary warriors; civvies unite them. Thomas does a better job with his knowledge of X-Men lore this time, hearkening back to quite a few issues with well-placed comments (tainted slightly by Stan's insincere footnotes - don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of the footnotes, I'm just looking forward to the straightforward ones sans Stan's "humor"). The large panel revealing Cain Marko is possibly the most impressive panel to date. As Byzantine mentioned, finally Xavier shows some regret at what he did back in the day and is trying to make amends, though in a completely suspicious way. Finally Scott and Jean start something. The fight with Juggernaut is a bit of a failure, and as we noted the Factor Three thing is a bit perplexing, but at least Thomas is going somewhere, and now the X-Men are on their own (again). There's hope ... for Scott, for Jean, for Warren (nice introspection scene, by the way) ... for us all.

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