The X-Men #22

    The X-Men » The X-Men #22 - Divided We Fall! released by Marvel on July 1, 1966.

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    The X-Men after training in the Danger Room, make their separate ways to various destinations in New York...

    Count Nefaria, as head of The Maggia gathers a group of super-villains - The Scarecrow, the Porcupine, Plantman, The Eel and The Unicorn - to capture Xavier`s students...

    Plantman knocks out Marvel Girl with chloroform gas, Scarecrow nets Angel, Hank is mesmerized into submission by the Porcupine. After a brief skirmish, Iceman and Cyclops are felled by The Eel and The Unicorn...

    Captured, the X-Men are chained in the dungeons of The Maggia headquarters. Count Nefaria tries to convince the young mutants to join him. He argues that united they could gain revenge on the world that hates them....

    This is the first appearence of these villains, that were put together by Count Nefaria, in X-Men stories.


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    The return of some underused villains 0

    When Roy Thomas is involved in any comic book series, readers can expect the revivals and/or reworkings of several older characters. He started his run as an X-Men writer with revivals of Blob and Unus, as well as a serious reworking of Lucifer. This issue revives some classic Marvel villains who had not been seen in a while: Count Nefaria, Eel, Plantman, Porcupine, Scarecrow and the Unicorn.   I have to admit I found the artwork of the issue less than exciting. Nefaria gets the spotlight treatm...

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    Some Things (Villains) Are Best Left Forgotten 0

    Okay, Roy Thomas, we get it: you've read a lot of comics and you are familiar with them. While that is admittedly better and far more appreciated than the current group of writers who have no clue about the history of X-Men or Avengers characters and conflicts, but "knowing them" and "feeling compelled to show off your knowledge and bringing back minor characters just for the sake of doing it" aren't the same thing. Plantman? The Porcupine? Come on, son. Part of the whole point of these new seri...

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